Richmond Owusu-Agyei
Richmond Owusu-Agyei
President / Design Principal

Born and raised in West Africa Ghana, Richmond Owusu-Agyei has long aspired to become an architect, ever since he first utilized the pencil –An artist’s greatest tool. He is a graduate from Pratt Institute, where he received his bachelor's degree in architecture and holds a secondary degree in graphic design. With a strong foundation in architecture, he has always been intrigued by urbanity, mainly by its infrastructure and its inhabitants. Based on this interest, he focuses on the diversities of human life and evolving cities. He has managed many projects working in various teams under tight budgets and deadlines. Through this process he developed an interdisciplinary approach to innovative design that encompasses design strategy with a strong emphasis on technology. His work spans across architecture, 3d visualization and graphic design.

When not working he is a photographer who loves to capture intimate moments of cities and its inhabitants.

"A creative thought will never surface if it remains dormant."

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