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Owusu-Agyei Group (OAG) is a brand strategy & brand positioning firm that creates culturally driven experiences to build brand awareness. OAG was founded to engage designers, thinkers and builders in pursuit of a new artistic expression. Since our inception, the firm has evolved into a multi-disciplinary design agency and marketing agency that is dedicated to innovative design that reflects the environment, time and client needs. In the process of our evolution, we have been fortunate in curating the design of various brand identities that empower our clients and position them in a competitive market. Responding to each clients’ challenge, we emphasize creativity, conceptual design and innovative ideas. Coupled with our dedication to be pragmatic and curious, we believe this approach has allowed us to strategically position our clients in a competitive market to build trust and value by producing many iconic and commendable designs that successfully grow their business. However, we do not believe that our unwavering creativity stops there. We are a multi-disciplinary design firm that is devoted to excellence in design that seeks to maintain a committed and rewarding relationship with our clients.

We look for projects that inspire and challenge us, and clients who share our deep commitment to quality and excellence in design.

Certifications + Affiliations

Owusu-Agyei Group has numerous certifications and is affiliated with many organizations that strategically positions the firm thus; enabling us to service many industries with an emphasis on value.
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Small Business Enterprise
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Minority Business Enterprise
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Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Proud Member of CCSNJ

We are Communicators!

We work collaboratively to deliver complex projects. Our clients are our partners and demand the best of our talent.
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We Are Creativity Unleashed!